Rapid Addressing

Put in the postcode - Get the address

Address Management

Rapid addressing; postcode identification and more

Mailing List Generation

Build mailing lists for bulk mailing for free

Web Use

Get a visitor's address and position from their postcode

Where's My Nearest?

Find the local branches of a business

Map Referencing

Pinpoint the map position of a postcode


Postal codes and addresses for the Republic of Ireland

Web Use

When taking orders through your website, don't make your customers type their address - it's slow and error-prone. All you need is a box to type the postcode and a button. Click below to see how it could work.

Web use is licensed on the basis of the number of lookups done in a year, with no distinction between use by your own staff or use by the public. Many sites will find a block of 10,000 credits (successful lookups) enough and unlimited lookups are available for heavily-used websites. Credits can be "topped up" at any time.

The example above uses our "premise-level" product where all premises at a postcode are listed. We also offer a "road-level" alternative which supplies the road name, town and county, leaving the user to enter a house number. This is about 16% less expensive and may be preferred for consumer-orientated high-usage situations.

It is often useful to be able to get the map reference of a postcode. This can be used to direct a visitor to the nearest branch of an organisation or to organise delivery of a purchase from the nearest depot. We provide a separate webservice for this which is called the "postzon" product. Other ancillary data is supplied including the administrative authorities.

For a quick guide to rapid addressing on the web (courtesy of QBS Software) click here. For a full Technical Factsheet, Click here. Contact us if you need any further help.


5000 £192
10,000 £329
100,000 £2950
Unlimited* £9707


5000 £211
10,000 £398
100,000 £3583
Unlimited* £16,231


10,000 £186
100,000 £1671
Unlimited* £4244


*Unlimited licences are valid for one year and cover all websites owned by the end-user.  

Prices do not include VAT. Prices include support for the licence year.

Unused credits expire after one year.

 Click here for full Royal Mail licensing conditions.