Rapid Addressing

Put in the postcode - Get the address

Address Management

Rapid addressing; postcode identification and more

Mailing List Generation

Build mailing lists for bulk mailing for free

Web Use

Get addressing and location data online

Map referencing

Locate addresses on a map

Where's My Nearest?

Find the local branches of a business

Mobile Use

Deployment on mobile devices

Rapid Addressing

You'll never have to type an address again! No more wasting of everybody’s time asking for the spelling of road and town names. We use the official Royal Mail data so accuracy is assured. Our Address system gives you instant retrieval of any UK address from the postcode, needed only the addition of the house or flat number to complete it.

In most cases you will want to build-in rapid addressing to your CRM system; database application or other specialist application. For this purpose we provide a free programmers' toolkit which can be integrated into any modern system. For technical details see our Developers page.

For casual use, a desktop app is included in the package to look up postcodes. Facilities are provided to copy or transfer the result to Word, Excel or other programs

Map references for all postcodes are also included in the package and are valuable for many distance calculations.

A demonstration download showing all the features of Address is available here

If you do a lot of business-to-business work or need increased security you’ll need our premise-level product Address+. This product has all the facilities of Address but in addition provides a list of the house numbers and organisation names at that postcode. It can also find postcodes from address fragments.



1 £171 £135
5 £792 £632
10 £1461 £1172
20 £2796 £2232
300 £4416 £3542
Unlimited No longer available


Prices do not include VAT or delivery.

Prices include support for the licence year. Updates can be downloaded from our website each quarter.

Annual renewal is required under Royal Mail licensing conditions. Click here for full licensing details.