Rapid Addressing

Put in the postcode - Get the address

Address Management

Rapid addressing; postcode identification and more

Mailing List Generation

Build mailing lists for bulk mailing for free

Web Use

Get addressing and location data online

Map referencing

Locate addresses on a map

Where's My Nearest?

Find the local branches of a business

Mobile Use

Deployment on mobile devices



15 August 2022

We are now using the world's most popular payment gateway - WorldPay. With its size and high level of security this is a perfect fit for online purchases or renewals through this website.


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Mobile app

08 December 2021

We are now able to make addressing available as an Android app, named AddressUK.

Address UK
Unlike all other similar products, AddressUK does not perform lookups over the Internet.  Although this is the cheaper option, it suffers from serious communication delays and possible loss of signal.
The entire Royal Mail database of 2m road-level addresses is stored within the user's phone, advanced compression techniques making this eminently practicable, and giving instant response.

An evaluation copy can be downloaded at no cost through PlayStore: simply search for 'AddressUK'.

For more details click  here.

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Price increase

1 January 2023

The Royal Mail has increased its fees for the use of its data, and we are passing on this increase from the New Year The old and revised prices for our most popular products are given below.

Product Old price New price
Address renewal £123 £135
Address (5-user) renewal £575 £632
Address+ renewal £228
Address+ (5-user) renewal £1073
Road-level webservice (10K credits)
Premise-level webservice (10K credits)

Latest data issues

2 January 2023

Addressing data:

We are currently shipping the Royal Mail data for Quarter 1, 2023. 
In this issue, the Ordnance Survey data shipped with most of our products is for November 2022. 
If you are an existing user, you can visit www.arcenciel.com/updates and input your licence key to download the latest version of the software and data.