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Where's My Nearest?

The expression "Where's my Nearest?" is used to denote finding a generic facility nearest to a user location. For example, a local council might show recycling centres, local chemists and so on. A retailer chain might show the position of their nearest store. This is normally a web-based service.

In use, the user would type in their postcode, the map reference would be found using our online lookup service and a simple distance function can take the nearest facility from a database.

When initially setting up website it is necessary to load the database with the map reference of each facility. This can be done easily by using our Postzon data to find the grid reference for each postcode.


Example of finding a generic facility nearest to your location

Above: Example of finding a generic facility nearest to your location

Many sites also allow the user to input a town or village name, in case the postcode is not known. This part of the problem can be addressed using our Gazetteer product.