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Map Referencing

Pinpoint the map position of a postcode


Postal codes and addresses for the Republic of Ireland

Map Referencing

A very common requirement is to find out where a postcode is on a map. If a user supplies a postcode, they can be directed to the nearest branches of your organisation, say, or a delivery distance can be calculated. If more than one user is involved, the separation between them can be calculated, which is essential for, say, dating sites or online selling.

Position from postcode:

On average, a postcode covers 12 premises. A map reference for a postcode is therefore almost certainly within a hundred metres of any particular house, which is adequate for many applications.

Example of Postcode level referencing

Above: Example of Postcode level referencing.

Arc en Ciel provides Ordnance Survey data which includes a map reference for every postcode, accurate to +/- 1 metre. This is included in our Address and Address+ products, but is normally used by developers through the API.

Alternatively, you can use our online service whereby you send a postcode to our server and get a map reference. This is sold in blocks of 100,000 lookups at a very low price and is very useful for Internet use. More details are given on our Web Use page.

Postcode from position:

A variation on postcode-level geo-referencing is to start with a position and find an address. For example, a GPS device in a vehicle can get a longitude/latitude as it moves along and it might be useful to know the names of the streets it passes through. As part of its Developers API Arc en Ciel provides a function CodesInRadius which finds the postcodes within a given radius of a point. The nearest postcode can be found and used to generate the address.

Position from place name:

If the user does not know a postcode - say they are looking for a property in a certain town - then our Gazetteer product which gives map references for the centre of over 12,000 towns, villages and localities is the best way forward.

Premise level:

The most detailed level is to find the (x, y) coordinate of a single premise.  Arc en Ciel does not offer this information, but it is available from the Ordnance Survey as part of its 'AddressBase' product. More details are at: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-and-government/products/addressbase.