Rapid Addressing

Put in the postcode - Get the address

Address Management

Rapid addressing; postcode identification and more

Mailing List Generation

Build mailing lists for bulk mailing for free

Web Use

Get addressing and location data online

Map referencing

Locate addresses on a map

Where's My Nearest?

Find the local branches of a business

Mobile Use

Deployment on mobile devices


Arc en Ciel specialises in providing support for integrators. Many software houses and web designers plug our components into their solutions. This is completely seamless: at no time does our name appear. To the user it all looks like your code.

We provide parallel versions of our libraries as a Class Library for .NET and ASPX applications; a DLL for C++ or Delphi users; a COM object for Visual Basic or ASP use;  a Java library; a PHP library and a Microsoft Dynamics plug-in. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.

Our software is free and a Development kit to get you started can be downloaded from this page.

In essence we charge for the data, but in the downloads below a subset of the Cambridge area data is provided at no cost to allow you to develop and test your application. You will also find a Help file and code snippets in many languages. Ring our Technical Help desk if you want to discuss the best way to go about integration. We have over thirty  years of experience in many languages and systems and can usually put you on the right track.

You provide front-line support to your clients and we support you. There is no extra charge for support – it is included in your purchase.

We give generous discounts to integrators: contact us if you would like to discuss this.

Click on the links below for the Development kit: